Tuesday, September 2, 2014

July & August Monthly Review

The last two months have been really busy with camp and traveling (post in September about that coming up). I didn't do a monthly recap in July because without access to a laptop you can't really link stuff which makes chronicling posts really hard, but never fear I now have a PC/laptop at my fingertips. I don't remember what books I've read (I plan to keep a list this coming year in 2015), but here is what has happen.

June in Review
The A to Z Book Survey
Review Ruin & Rising
Room by Book Monument 14
Review The Falconer
Summer Review The Watsons Go To Birmingham
Summer Review The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Fierce Reads Tour
Summer Review: The Red Badge of Courage
Summer Review: Bud, Not Buddy
Camp Books
Summer Review The Book Thief
Meet the Book Blogger
August Book Haul

Jack is back on twitter
I went to camp for three weeks and did an intro to bio course
It was my birthday in July I'm 13
School has started

Posts I Liked
Amber's review of The Pointless Book
Hawwa's Book Palette of The Sky is Everywhere
Ruby's Harry Potter Name Etymology
Erika's Discussion: DNF Reviews
Holly's British Tag
Sophie's Books That Make Me Want to Travel

The last two months have been okay. I wished I had learned how to schedule before this summer that would have help. With the school year starting I hope to have a more regular schedule with bout 8-10 posts a month. I started the new feature Meet the Book Blogger which I hope to do monthly. I finished up the Summer Review I did a couple of none book related posts that I'm really happy about. I got a twitter @yabookologists . I also changed my background to something a bit more mature. This summer was a reinventing for me and my blog. Hope you like the new stuff and the changes!


  1. Hey (:
    I likes hawwa's and Ruby's posts aswell *-*
    And I'm really looking forward for your camp/traveling post !
    And nice blog btw (:
    Got to it through Twitter :D

    xo Anne @ anne-books.blogspot.com

    1. Hey Anne,
      I'm really excited about my camp/ravel post too. I purposely took pretty pics for it.
      Amelia @ YA Bookologists

  2. SCHEDULING IS A LIFE SAVER. I haven't actually published a post straight after writing in over a year unless i messed up the dates and it didn't publish when it was meant to. xD
    I;m going to be scheduling even more now I'm at college and AWWH YOU LINKED ME UP. Thank you. :)

    1. I swear I accidentally post something every week! After I discovered I could scheduled I think the bookish gods smile upon me. Your welcome!

      Amelia @ YA Bookologists