Saturday, August 16, 2014

Camp Books

I'm at camp so why not do a feature on the books here. I decided to collect a bunch of photos from my friends of their books and put it on the bedspreads, some of which are very cool. Most of the books YA but there's some classics thrown in and others too. 

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The Uglies Trilogy by Scott  Westerfield 
I simple found that trilogy simply captivating when I was reading it. I obsessed over Tally and her friends last year. It is probably one of the best sci fi series I've read.

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare 
I have a love hate relationship with The Mortal Instruments. The plot is well developed but I find that the writing is a bit blunt. It's however very addictive and you can't help but finish them.

The Glass Bead Game by Heraman Hesse
 I have never read a book by this man who is a German-Swiss poet. The girl who was reading seemed to be enthralled however and loved this vintage 1943 (original publication) book.

Hiroshima by John Hershey & Pride and Prejuidice by Jane Austen
Hiroshima is about six survivors of the atomic bombings of the city in Japan. I believe this book was summer reading and provided a good insight into the life of post World War II Japan. Pride and Prejuidice is simply a masterpiece of historical fiction and romance. 

What books have you seen people reading this summer? Tell me in the comments.

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