Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer Review: Bud, Not Buddy

This post is part of a series where I review books that are a part of my summer reading list. I won't rate them or talk about their writing because my teacher didn't want that. It is mainly going to focus on  my relationship with the book. Hope you like it!

I have to say that Christopher Paul Curtis wrote a decent book this time. I found that compared to The Watsons Go To Birmingham- 1963 it was a much better book with an understandable point and plot. The feature of the rules about having a better life and becoming a better liar I found very irritable that they didn't have a complete list anywhere. The fact that it was placed in the Great Depression I felt added no extra benefit to the book and it's placement in time did not really educate me. The most memorable point was probably the jazz band as that was an original feature. I found the first description of hearing the band the most true line in the entire book. The way that Bud couldn't tell which instrument was his favorite till Miss Thomas started singing showed the true power of music. 

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