Sunday, July 19, 2015

Poetry//The Hours

More poetry from me! Perhaps it is the stillness of the night that is inspiring me. Well, anyways, this is a follow-up to this post. The theme of the poem is more to do with time, hence the photo of a clock. I'm undecided as whether or not this will be a long running theme, but who knows (maybe you should leave a comment helping me decide).

Time is gone
Like another cycle of an endless circle
Less time for stacks of pages
More time for senseless media
What a waste?
At least that is what they yell
Just seclusion
Sounds pleasant
Me and me alone
In a quiet, quiet place
Leave alone
More duties to uphold
A senseless media to run
Ink to be gobbled
And typed about
What happened to those typewriters?
With stress reducing clicks
Not anxiety producing taps
Which monitor words per minute
All alone in a quiet room

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Room by Book//All The Time in The World

All The Time In The World is a book with a romantic notion that certainly yearns for traditions long past. These traditions tend to be off the beaten trail, and the furniture is a testament to that exploring. The carpet is from a small, local rug shop in Instanbul that tells some story a weaver had in mineg long ago. However, the book has a slight objectification with Japan has shown with the Asian inspired sideboard. While rowing down the canals of Venice, a light fixture was found that had too much of a blend of Asian traces and classic Italian influence. The wall hanging was found in a little dusty antique shop in St Petersburg, even though the information regarding it was not understood. Overall, this time I just wanted the Room by Book to be an ode of unique things not found by the ordinary.

All The Time In The World: A Book of Hours (cover) by Jessica Kerwin Jenkins
Usagi Sideboard by Greentea Design
Proibita by Venetia Studium
Hereke Silk Rug from Ozturk Rug House
(Unamed but seems to be a wall hanging) from Russkaya Starina (

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


A view from a friend's hotel room

Recently I went to Paris (the one in France not Ontario). It was fun a little trip though I must say the time I spent reading on the trip was pitiful except on the plane. Here are some of the pictures and experiences I had.

In each city there is a designated center for all map quest/direction finders. The center is what automatically is pinpointed when one types "City Name" in the search bar. This is the point in Paris right outside of Notre Dame. There is also a cool sun in the middle-- so why not?


 There are miles upon miles of bones underneath the city of Paris. These bones were excavated from the Cemetery of the Innocents back in the 1700s because of the overflowing number of bones. The Catacombs were the solution and have been a tourist attraction for hundreds of years. It was not as creepy as I thought it would be, but leaves a somber mood. I also first heard of the Catacombs from the series The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott.

Owl from Louvre

Of course I went to the Louvre, since it would be a sin not to, but I found the Mona Lisa way too overcrowded and not cut up for what it is. This is a simple owl that I found cool representing Athena the Greek god of wisdom. The owl reminds me of Jonathan Adler animal sculptures with the simple lines. 

Paris Airshow

I went to the Paris Airshow to see what all the hubbub was about during a public day and it was quite cool. I don't understand all the technicalities, but the design portion was intriguing because it is easily understood also I've been on many planes and some are more comfortable than others. The plane here is a Rafale-- a new French fighter which is a beautiful plane for how it can't slow down and turn with ease. I loved the many uses of the Rafale which is an all purpose military plane.

Versailles Gardens

The gardens of Versailles are pruned to perfection. The amount of work that has been put into it is astonishing, just showing the extravagance of the French Court. I accidentally walked out of the gardens and found myself stuck outside since I didn't have my ticket and ended up having to walk along the street outside the park back to the main palace where I met my parents. Make sure when going to the garden you realize people 6-18 have to pay for the gardens but not for the palace (they accidentally let me through by accident). The small space open to the public in the palace is astonishing for the opulence just as the gardens feel like a rich woman's dream.

Nicholas Flamel's house
This is another place from the The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel books. Nicholas Flamel's old house is now a restaurant, built upon the ruins of his old house. Ther is a warm glow from inside the restaurant though we didn't get to eat there. There is also a street called Rue de Nicholas Flamel not far away. Even if you don't eat at the restaurant it's a fun little walk.

Overall a wonderful, fun trip that makes me want to learn French all the much more and fall in love with the richness of the French way of life and history.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Few Months of Wrap-Ups

A door from my trip to Paris
There hasn't been a wrap up lately due to my inactivity, so I've decided to one of posts since March. It has been a hard last couple months with having to move and put my book blogging hobby as a much more public thing I do. I hope to get back into books and blogging though I don't have access to my own laptop, so some of the graphics will be kind of weird.

Red Queen
The Sin Eater's Daughters
Material Girls
The Conspiracy of Us

Book Club//When You Reach Me
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Room by Book
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