Meet the Bookologist/Blogger

 Amy reads too much. I read in a lot of places ranging from bathrooms to the dinner table to sidewalks. Reading has always been a part of me, after I was forced to read chapter books in first grade. Since then I have learned that having on a book on hand is a wonderful idea. If you have a question or anything else contact me at bookologists@gmail.com.

Quick Facts

1) I'm a girl (just making this clear so we have no gender complication issues, I had this problem while look at a book blog once and that was very embarassing).

2) Pottermore put me in Ravenclaw

3) I love dry humor (aka British Humor)

4) I love books and writing and blogging and book blogging (the list goes on)

5) Band I love: The Script, Vampire Weekend, La Femme (though I don't understand them), Bastille

6) Despite being 'merican I like tea (that's my fake Texan accent)

7) I will stop here since these are supposed to be quick.