Sunday, March 22, 2015

Room by Book//Red Queen

Red Queen is set in a futuristic world that makes the reader feel totally foreign, but in reality is supposedly our future. The furniture shown here is both modern and a revival of more traditional forms of art-- how I imagine the Silver palace. The fox and the coffee table both have silver accents meant to be nod at the Silver culture in this book and are quite modern. Yet the ottoman and wallpaper both feel like they belong in the 1920s with the ottoman having bobbin legs which were the rage in the Victorian times, but the ottoman has a very clean cushion. I liked the darker theme of the wallpaper hinting at how controlling the Silvers are of Reds. The fox was supposed to be representative of Cal and how he is always changing with the reader never knowing what sly side of him will come next. The coffee table I imagine can also be spread with war maps and everything a prince needs. Overall I just wanted this furniture to exude coldness and detachedness of Silvers. Also my review of Red Queen is coming out soon. 

Red Queen (book cover) by Victoria Aveyard
Laundry for Hygge & West - Diamante in Gold by Hygge & West from Design Public
Hines Coffee Table Walnut by Apt2B
Bobbin Ottoman by Serena & Lily 
Silver Fox Ceramic Object by Jonathan Adler 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Book Club//When You Reach Me

­­­­Welcome to this month’s edition of Book Club with YA Bookologists. This is a feature where I talk about what the book club I attend discussed. I do this to perhaps share new insight into popular books that you might’ve read before.  Recently we read When You Reach Me by Rebeca Stead. Here are some of the points we came up with. SPOILER ALERT

  •  The lack of defining time travel was very frustrating as we have no explanation for how the essence of the book works. This is distracting from the main focus of the book which are relationships.
  • The homeless man (old Marcus) should not have to die in the end because of all the others way possible to save someone from a truck. The ending of the book was rather sudden with no real closing for Marcus.
  • The romance in this book was disastrous. Simply perplexing. Miranda and Collin have short, snippets of kissing and followed by several, longer paragraphs of being friends. Without the romance When You Reach Me still would’ve been completely realistic.
  • New York City in this book was very realistic. The description a setting of only a few square blocks resonated with many of us in the book club. There were details about which places to avoid, bad landlords, and tips on how to live in the city all really brought the setting alive. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

February Round Up

Via Wikimedia
That picture pretty much summed up weather where I live with snow and cold. I went into February knowing it was going to be stressful, but I didn't realize just how stressful. I've taken two weekend trips this month (both of which required airplanes), won an award for an essay I wrote (yay!), and had to rewrite a script for a part of the play I'm producing. I'm quite sad that I didn't write more and fell out of touch with reading, but towards the end of the month I got to more of my reading habits back. I'll keep this post short without chronicling all my blogging for once, so simply this is a checkin.