Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August Book Haul

This month our basement flooded and books were destroyed. (After weeping for them) Most of the books were my Mom's old architecture and art books that can't be replaced. We also went to see my godmother who happens to be an educational consultant. Since insurance decided to cover some of the cost of the books I got to go BOOK SHOPPING!

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs Goodreads
Ransom Riggs did what none of us thought to do- vintage photos and sci-fi horror story. What I appreciate the most about the book is the formatting and design. The book echoes the Art Deco and Great Gasby fully and I adore that.

How Did It Begin? The Origins of Our Curious Customs and Superstitions by Dr. R. & L. Brasch Goodreads
The cover of this book reminds me of old almanacs. I've always liked the pictures and illustrations that remind you of the late 1800s. How Did It Begin? sates some of the curiosity caused by Dan Brown's character Robert Langdon the symbologist which caused me to want to know about the origins of everything.

A Dark History: The Kings & Queens of Europe by Brenda Ralph Lewis Goodreads
This book was a nod to my childhood obsession with European monarchy. I used to adore the Tudors and the fall of the Romanovs (check out Tsarina the book). This is just a chronicling of the most dramatic stories that one could read for short pleasure reading.

Cracking the SSAT & ISEE by The Princeton Review & Guide to Getting Financial Aid 2007 by CollegeBoard
Yes I am 13, but my godmother is an educational advisor and I wanted to throw you all a curve ball. I might read one chapter from the financial aid book becuase it is so outdated. I am applying to boarding schools this year becuade my Dad might be getting transferred and the SSAT are standardized tests for boarding schools.

That sums up some of the books I got in August.. Say hi to my antique desk!


  1. Yes!!! *pumps fist* Finally someone who is actually looking into/cares about College that's my age! :) Nobody else my age understand why I am working so hard to get into a good college already. Thank you for literally making my day!
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    1. HI!
      I've always been one of those kids that dreams big (maybe why I started a blog). Thanks for making my day!

      Amelia @ YA Bookologists