Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fierce Reads Tour

I recently went to the Fierce Reads Tour. I went mainly to see Leigh Bardugo (Ruin and Rising), but Emmy Laybourne (Monument 14), Ava Dellaira (Love Letters to the Dead), and Jennifer Mathieu (The Truth About Alice). I found the discussion all very enlightening, but found that the discussion more geared to authors. You could tell though that they are all friends. Emmy is a very funny person as she was previously a stand up comedian.  The event was smaller than most book signings. It was overall me fangirling over Leigh Bardugo.

1) The swag was almost too much to bear. I had been waiting forever to be able to talk one on one.

A pin from Emmy Laybourne's books depicting the school bus smoking 

A postcard and bookmark from The Truth About Alice

And here comes the Grisha Trilogy stuff!

I Am Ruination button with the famous quote from Genya and probably my favorite quote from her Ruin and Rising nail polish I simply adore this red color but since it's a limited edition and I don't use nail polish I will not be using till my wedding maybe

2) Book signing! I think my signed books are most valuable possessions so I got Leigh Bardugo to sign all three. 

3) I took notes the entire event. I apologize to the authors if I looked rude I just wanted to remember everything. 


  1. ACK. I AM SO JEALOUS RIGHT NOW. I really wanted to go and ALL THE SWAG and NOTES and asdfghjklasdfghjkl Leigh Bardugo!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yes one up side of living in the US. I was freaking out over just staring at Leigh Bardugo and really wished I could just hang her on my wall.

      Amelia @ YA Bookologists