Saturday, September 13, 2014

Summer Vacation

This summer was probably my best summer yet. I got to go around the East Coast and Canada. I made a lot of friends of at camp spanning from Nebraska to New Hampshire. I got to see old friends in NYC and pick up an awesome planner from the NYPL. I went to Ottawa as a loyal Canadian citizen and saw Parliament. Then to see some family in London, ON and Toronto. This was my life for about four to five weeks! 

First Stop: Pittsburgh, PA

That's Pittsburgh on a map from ( for those unfamiliar with US geography. It is famous for its steel and was the sight of Fort Necessity. 


That's a welcome sign downtown. It's close to park with a sort of infinity fountain that I didn't get any good pictures of.


This is from a miniature train set at the Carnegie Science Center. They managed to replicate different scenes from the history of Pittsburgh to recreate a miniature working city. There are scenes of criminals running away and even this the old train depot. I would definitely recommend seeing this train set as it brings out your inner Sheldon.


Guess what? I managed to find a British flag in a American/French/ex-British Fort. During the French & Indian War (North American version of Seven Years' War)there were  bunch of forts built; the picture is of the blockhouse of Fort Pitt. Just about a stone's throw are Fort Duquesne ruins. The Fort Pitt Blockhouse is the last surviving structure of Fort Pitt, and it has been majorly flooded several times, and was a house for poor immigrants in the 1800s and 1900s before being taken over by the Fort Pitt Society formed by the Daughters of the American Revolution of Allegheny County. But the American were like so in the War of Independence, but the flag is still there:


Second Stop: Somewhere in Pennsylvania- Camp

Most of you are probably aware I went to camp. It was heaven on earth besides the fact there was no access to a decent bookshop or library. But I felt free and simply felt like that it was 3 weeks spent in a place of no judgment and learning.
Third Stop: New York City
This is what most people think of:


But this is my (I lived there till I was 11) New York
We then walked from Grand Central to 111th Street and Broadway. We passed by some places that have special memories and meaning. I'm a West Side girl so I might be a little biased about what I love in New York.

Look at that cute little bear at the Russian Tea Room

Little Stack of Stuff at a nice gourmet place called Petrossian 
Fourth Stop: Storm King Art Center, NY
Three Legged Budhha by Zhang Huan at Storm King
We went to Storm King Art Center (about one hour north of New York City) after my mother's begging. Storm King has loads of sculptures by all sorts of people. They have everything from Calder to a special exhibit by Zhang Huan (sculptor of picture above). It's a wonderful place to get lost and all look at outdoor art. Just make sure you go on a cooler day than I did!

Southern Ontario Map via

Fifth Stop: Ottawa, ON, Canada

Canadian Parliament
For all of you who don't know Ottawa is the capital of Canada. I'm Canadian; for some reason that means my father is convinced that going to Ottawa made me for conscious of my heritage (still don't understand that logic). But it was fun. I had proper poutine in Quebec (right across the river). We also saw the Rideau Canal (it;s a lot smaller than I thought) and went to the Parliament of Canada. The Parliament is a intimidating building but on the inside it is beautiful with art from a bunch of Canadian artists. From the top view platform (just below the clock) you can see all of Ottawa. 

That was my summer and it was absolutely one of the best I had. I saw museums, I walked for a crazy distance in New York, and got see the Parliament building project a video commemorating Canadian heritage!


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