Sunday, January 5, 2014

This Year in 2013 YA Books

Okay, this year was huge in YA fiction. I read so much this year I don't know how to rank them. Literally this whole year I was like a victory dance: 
So, of course I can't possibly rank them since that would against my conscience and that would be too hard for me since I'm so indecisive. This year there were starts and ends and middles to great YA books and series.

Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo
I mean it I loved this book. I've always liked fantasy, mostly urban and high, but this book made me love high fantasy some much more. I mean there is Mal who you can't help but despise because the Darkling is such a better choice (that may be a little biased). The new power with the weird new dragons and then him showing up in ghost-like formation. Mal goes out brawling just because he is not Grisha talk about weakness. Alina tries to salvage her relationship with Mal, but as always ends up running. She takes refuge with the Apparat in underground caves. I loved how we saw more of the world, but according to spoilers in Ruin and Rising the Darkling and Alina can hold a civil conversation!

Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi
Unravel Me was really about Juliet growing up. She isn't a victim anymore; she can take on the world. The main problem in this books is Juliet's adjustment to a new world and that she isn't the only special one. Adam is pulling away, but you can see that Juliet is confused. Friends are found and friends leave. Just for your information, I did fall for Adam in the first book, but I found that Adam was too perfect. As always I fall for the bad guy and love Warners. I mean he is volatile with is unwavering devotion to Juliet. Can't wait for Ignite Me.

House of Hades by Rick Riordan

This installment was just character development. We saw Percy and Annabeth build their relationship after struggling in Tartarus. Jason and Piper get over the whole I'm sorta Roman sorta Greek and picked it up. And then, oh, Nico came out that he had a crush on Percy for the longest time- I mean talk about surprises, I just thought Nico was getting a girlfriend this time around. Leo was never going to fit in; we saw that back in the Lost Hero, but I mean Calypso and Leo- that was pushing it. Don't forget seeing that evil is never as it always seems because not everybody is labeled correctly like Bob. I liked that we are seeing Europe and the evil side of Octavian. Bob says hi to the stars and moon.   

Endless Knight by Kresley Cole
I don't normally fall head over heels with fantasy dystopians because they are usually just too out there. I immensely (don't you like my word choice?) enjoyed the Tarot cards and powers that each character has. I mean look at Death and how he wants Empress Evie. Ohh she wants Death, but does her heart still belong to Jack. Let's not forget how the Devil and the others are trying to kill her some with very original ideas.

Here are some other books/series that I loved reading in 2013, but weren't necessarily published in 2013:   

Sorry, this is coming in the New Year, I know I was a little late because of traveling and everything. I want to wish you a happy 2014. And too more reading!

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