Monday, January 13, 2014

Review Masquerade

Masquerade by Melissa De La Cruz

Book Two in Blue Bloods Series

Bookologist's Analysis: A mystery deep inside the city of mysteries.

Schuyler Van Alen wants an explanation for the mysterious deaths of young Blue Bloods. Her search brings her to Venice, Italy, in the hopes of finding the one person who can help. Meanwhile, back in New York, preparations are feverishly underway for the famous Four Hundred Ball, an exclusive gala hosted by the city’s wealthy, powerful, and unhuman—a true Blue Blood affair. But it’s at the after-party masquerade that the true danger lurks. Hidden behind the masks is a revelation that will change the course of a young vampire’s destiny.
Rich with glamour, attitude, and vampire lore, this second installment in the Blue Bloods saga will leave readers thirsty for more.
This book is all about finding who is who. I mean we all know that masks can hide everything- your face, your life, your name, your identity. I mean though, this book has three viewpoints- Bliss, Schuyler, and Mimi's. I love Schuyler the misfit, halfling the most because I really find this is HER story.
The Four Hundred Ball just seals the deal with Mimi and Jack's bonding or should we Azrael and Abaddon respectively.  The real thing though is that each of the love another, but being Blue Bloods or shall we say vampire love each other too as destined soulmates. Talk about hierarchy in mean at the top of the popular group without being available, a pity isn't.
Bliss is this weird little thing. I mean she could be the top of the social ladder, but still ends up being in two friend groups Schuyler and Mimi,and talk about her relationship with Dylan just unusual. 
Fav Quotes
"The gondolas were lined up on the docks, empty, their striped-shirted gondoliers leaning on their oars..."
This is what Olive and Schuyler observe as they are in Venice looking for Schuyler's grandfather, Lawrence. Lawrence is a very old and wise vampire. He will become the Regis and is all about killing the Blue Bloods and was Cordelia's bondmate.
"They had grown up together- skinny-dipping in the pond behind her grandmother's house in Nantucket, spending sleepovers curled up next to each other in the same double-wide sleeping bag. They were as close as siblings, but lately she had found that she was reacting to his presence with a new found self-consciousness she couldn't explain. It was as if she had woken up one day and discovered her best friend was also a boy- and a very good looking one a that."
First, I saw this as way too much information, but this is what Schuyler first views Oliver this way. I mean this is how I guess you grow up with your guy best friend, but this time Schuyler's getting a crush.

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