Friday, January 10, 2014

Review Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods by Melissa De La Cruz

First Book in Blue Bloods

Bookologist Analysis: This books is throat cutting till the very end (pun intended).

Schuyler Van Alen is confused about what is happening to her. Her veins are starting to turn blue, and she's starting to crave raw meat. Soon, her world is thrust into an intricate maze of secret societies and bitter intrigue. Schuyler has never been a part of the trendy crowd at her prestigious New York private school. Now, all of a sudden, Jack Force, the most popular guy in school, is showing an interest in her. And when one of the popular girls is found dead, Schuyler and Jack are determined to get to the bottom of it.

Schuyler wants to find out the secrets of the mysterious Blue Bloods. But is she putting herself in danger? Melissa de la Cruz's vampire mythology, set against the glitzy backdrop of New York City, is a juicy and intoxicating read. 

New York is a city of glitz and danger. I should know that I lived there when I was younger- back in the day you know... but I won't get back onto Memory Lane and bored you. Let's get this fact straight- Blue Bloods the book is different than the TV show. The book is about rich New York vampires NOT cops. Okay, not that we're all clear. let's get this show on the road.

Schuyler (now that is a cool name) is a Blue Blood from an historically important family with a dwindling fortune. She is wierdo that sits at the back of the corner with her best friend Oliver not caring that she is different.  She hates the popular Force twins- until she sees Jack Force get hit by a taxi- which is of course, a trick of light. Then let's say she has a slight crush on him.

Schuyler (doesn't this sound like a last name?) becomes friends with Bliss Llewellyn, a Texan transplant, after they do a photo shoot together.  Together, they find out they are both Blue Bloods living through this Expression (sort of life cycle). There's a catch however, despite being immortal something is magically killing Blue Bloods. Last count three Blue Bloods were killed [insert cyber gasp].

The world is changing for Schuyler- no more is she a misfit with one friend (who turns out to be a human that knows about Blue Bloods and in their family is supposed to be a personal servant to them), she is now a special elite vampire. No on ever said life is fair or expected.

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