Thursday, January 16, 2014

Review Revelations

Revelations by Melissa De La Cruz

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Book Three in Blue Blood Series

Bookologist Analysis: Why not take this story down south to Brazil?

Schuyler Van Alen's blood legacy has just been called into question: is the young vampire in fact a Blue Blood, or is it the sinister Silver Blood that runs through her veins? As controversy swirls, Schuyler is left stranded in the Force household, trapped under the same roof as her cunning nemesis, Mimi Force, and her forbidden crush, Jack Force.

When an ancient place of power is threatened in Rio de Janeiro, however, the Blue Bloods need Schuyler on their side. The stakes are high, the battle is bloody; and through it all Schuyler is torn between duty and passion, love and freedom.

Romance, glamour, and vampire lore collide in the highly anticipated third book in best-selling author Melissa de la Cruz's Blue Bloods series.

This book is about revelations, hence the title (get it?). We got to see who bothers not to be careful and shows that they are indeed the enemy. I mean Mimi is now a voting member on the Conclave and has a perfect life planning a bond with Jack after Kingsley's revelation as a reformed Silver Blood.

We are already talking about Mimi, why don't we continue? So, after Charles (Michael) steps down Mimi takes over for her House, at her age she is already a voting member (power stealer ? is that a term). Jack and Schuyler are doing their little affair thing, so what does Mimi do, start planning a bonding to get back what is hers. Plus, she hates that Kingsley, who brought up his Silver Blood is able to come back strutting into society. Overall, Mimi is trying to grasp back at traditions this book to make sure everything goes according to HER plan.

Let's talk about Schuyler Van Alen. Her grandfather Lawrence is back. He is also granted back his seat on the Conclave as a voting member. Schuyler is learning all she can from him at the moment; she is learning the way of the vampire (star wars parody, sorry) everything from super speed to super memory. She's also having her time with Jack Force. For this book Schuyler is very scatter brained, not knowing what to do or how to do it.

Bliss. Oh Bliss. Her problems range from blackouts and not knowing what is going on to a weird little sister acting more strangely than usual. Modeling with Schuyler is also extremely fun. Friendships with Mimi and Schuyler suffer, with any sort of parental bond she had with Forsyth and BobbiAnne. Let's not forget the death of Dylan which is just sad. Bliss is just a weird, lost sort of character.

Other characters- A.K.A. supporting characters that I love.

Oliver- He is still fighting for the love of Schuyler that is going unnoticed. Oliver is the friend that we all want, he juss goes along with Schuyler without hesitation, but it is more than being a Conduit- it is being a TRUE FRIEND.

Jack- Why must they all be heartbreakers? Just look at him. He's taking Mimi down with him just as he turn his back on the bond. Schuyler is falling for this boy without realizing who he is.

Lawrence- He's an Emortal. This means he has been alive for a long time- longer than your great grandfather. His wisdom has been lost since he VOLUNTARILY went into exile. Yet the Conclave he feels has lost its way. So, Lawrence brings it upon himself to teach Schuyler.

This was overall a great  book with a couple of little mistakes. It was overall something that I would recommend reading with the  entire Blue Blood Series. 

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