Sunday, November 30, 2014

Room by Book//Mortal Heart

Room by Book is a feature done by yours truly where I bring my love of interior design and books.

Gravity Stool by Jolan Van der Wiel
Handcarved Menagerie Dining Table by Anthropologie
Eloquence One of a Kind Antique Armoire Flemish Pale Seafoam by Layla Grayce
Mortal Heart (bookcover) by Robin LaFevers (Goodreads)

Mortal Heart is set in the wind-swept and what I think is romantic land of Britanny. Now Britanny is a part of France, but still retains its individual culture, along with its own design heritage. The stool I originally saw in The Globe and Mail and was fascinated. The Gravity Stool would be something a nun would sit on as it looks like a rough, ancient stone stool. The Menagerie Dining Table represents the medieval time period with the animals the nobles would've hunted and the duchess would've loved the curious animal carvings. Annith is a lover of simplicity, but still would need a place to hide her weapons-- what better place than her seafoam dresser? These three components are not from one place in the book, but a lookbook from the entire Mortal Heart.

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