Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Book Club: Moon Over Manifest

The big news: my school has an 8th grade book club. How cool is this?! I was dead excited that we get to talk about books over lunch once Friday a month with some great muffins. The past month we read Moon Over Manifest.

One of the downsides of blogging is that you hardly ever, if ever, get to have a live discussion about a book. What I love about our book discussion is that we got to talk with my friends over a YA book in a facilitated discussion.

SPOILER ALERT for Moon Over Manifest

Some Points We Came Up With
  • The three story lines of Moon Over Manifest (Abilene, Ned and Jinx's letters, Hattie Mae's newspaper column all enriched the story and without it the book would have been dreadfully boring.
  • The background characters were not fully integrated into the story meaning that you would not remember them. When reading the book the characters seemed rather fluid and not entirely concrete.
  • Shady was the ideal criminal for Abilene. He showed that even if one had done committed a crime of bootlegging a criminal could still love. Shady didn't become his crime, but rather he was a person.
  • The Newberry Medal changes some people as writers. It is about finding a unique children's book, yet it is chosen by a bunch of adults.

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