Sunday, January 4, 2015


Resolutions are tricky business because they are always some unfulfilled goals; that is why I tend to shy away from them. They seem to be things only adults do at some cliche party. I prefer to call them goals, things that I might actually try to go for knowing that I want accomplish them. These goals are going to be for myself instead of trying to make myself a more popular blogger.

1. Just read more for myself. I should read books that make myself fall back in love with reading YA. I was enchanted by YA and I have to go back to being enchanted. 

2. Understand that blogging is an individual pursuit and not something to be ashamed about. That my blog can be anything for which I want it. It's my project and hobby not somebody else's.

3. Try to get some ARCs. I know that I will not get every ARC I request for, but I have to stop being shy when I know I want share my views on some books I'm really excited for.

4. Read and immerse myself in the book blogging culture because there are just so many nice people here like Ruby, Amber, Jack, Anne, Summer, Kelly, Holly, and Charli

See you guys a little later in the year with a midyear check up. 


  1. Great goals Amelia!
    I myself set a goal to get back into reading.. That's because I haven't really read anything lately and that bothers me a lot.
    I seriously started 3 books and haven't finished any of them yet..
    And thx ❤️

    xo Anne @