Sunday, January 18, 2015

MiniReview: Daunderlust

Daunderlust by Peter Ross Amazon | Goodreads

Published by Sandstone Press April 17, 2014

290 Pages

Standalone Nonfiction

Source: Library

Peter Ross’s weekly articles from around Scotland have been a sterling attraction for the readers of Scotland on Sunday for years. A selection of the best are collected here, for the first time. Each a gem of insight and wit, they provide a piece-by-piece portrait of a nation as it changes.

Daunderlust is an exasperating book; it takes energy. I traveled through the hills of Scotland and the back alleys of Glasgow.  There is also the excitement of trying guess what the next article will be about. Maybe it will be about fisherman? Or perhaps it will be about ancient customs that are slowly dwindling in this new age?

Daunderlust doesn’t feel like book… it’s more akin to a portrait of Scotland. It’s filled with short articles that each chronicle small brushstrokes creating the larger image of the country as a whole. I got to see the nooks and crannies of society that I would’ve never seen otherwise. I could gaze upon the bad and the broken, yet more often there is this glow of hopefulness that rises through Ross’ writing.  The strength of spirit is what shines through the stories of ordinary lads and lasses— the determination of the Scottish to keep on persevering.

This book was not rated on my five star rating system because it was a nonfiction book, therefore it is not compatible for my review system that is structured for novels. 

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