Friday, May 23, 2014

Room By Book Dear Killer

Room by Book is a feature done by yours truly where I put together collages of rooms/furniture that fit the book. All pictures' credits are below the picture.

Dear Killer by Katherine Ewell
Card Catalog Notes from Papyrus
Ashby Sleigh Bed- Rustic Pine Finish from Pottery Barn
Mercury Glass Bottle Vases from West Elm
J. Queen New York™ Chantilly Comforter Set from Bed Bath & Beyond

I wanted to show Kit's room and how it was described in the book. Most of the furniture is pretty plain has you can see in the bed and in its comforter, though the comforter has a slight frills that a mother would insist on. The vase reflects on how Kit remarks about how her mother has many collections to try and calm her impulsive behavior. One of her mother's collections was a collection of vases. The one extremely creative piece is the Card Catalog Notes from Papyrus. This is the box that Kit would keep her letters in. This was one of the more challenging Room By Books to do as it was balancing creativity and plainness so not to look fishy, but still look teenage.

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