Monday, April 7, 2014

YEAHH Review System

Note* I use ½ stars when I can’t pick or choose between levels. This rating system is  for fiction books not nonfiction. When reading nonfiction books and I put a rating of the book; it is more of a standard based  general ratings similar to ratings on Goodreads or Amazon.

«This book disappointed me a lot. I found the characters shallow and unrealistic. The plot seemed twisted or not clear. The book has a huge gaping hole where the writer should have added more detail or depth. I regret picking up this book.

««This book filled me with indifference and could have used a bit of work. The characters were a little bit all over the place. The plot had me lost and could have been explained better or more interesting. The holes should have been filled out with more solidness and clarity. This book is something that I didn’t enjoy and will most likely not see again.

«««This book filled me with the term meh… It was just a solid not really great or really bad; it was a dead center. The plot was predictable, but had a few unexpected small things on the side. The worldbuilding was okay, but could have used more detailed. The characters were complex at times, but didn’t entice you. I felt like reading this book would be a good fallback if you were bored.

««««This book was on the edge of glory (sorry for the song reference). The characters had the complexity that we all crave when reading. The plot was twisty and blew the unexpected at you. The only thing that kept the book from being really great was because once in a while it would get confusing, weird, slow, or redundant. I would recommend this book to just about everyone.

«««««This book blew me away and had me slack jaw at the end. I might’ve had to remind myself not to catch flies. The characters were utterly complex and had wonderful thought processes. The plots are intricate, well detailed, and have twisted plots. The worlds were original and had you enthralled the entire time. I recommend you drop everything you are doing and read it.

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