Friday, April 4, 2014

Tsarina by J. Nelle Patrick

Lomonosov Cup and Saucer Made in Russia from One Kings Lane
A Very Fine of Antique Russian, Empire Period Patinated and Core Bronze Candlesticks made in 1810 from Alexander's Antiques dealed by 1st Dibs
Side Chair by Conrad Henninger made 1887 from Metropolitan Museum of Art
Card-Table Decorated with Marquetry Showing a Chess Board and an Architectual Landscape from Hermitage State Museum (Made in Russia Late 18th Century)

Since Tsarina was all about moving form the old to the new I wanted to show how that happens. The table, candlesticks, and teacup are all fairly traditional from before 1900 to show where Natalya comes from. The yellow chair symbolizes the dawn of the new age with new ideas. Natalya in this book grows from being a spoiled rich girl to knowing that wanting something means sometimes standing up for something. Natalya embodies the lesson we all need to learn, to acknowledge our history, but to also stand up for and embrace the present.

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