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Review Two Lies And A Spy

Two Lies and a Spy by Kat Carlton

There will be a sequel (No Farther News)

Available Now (September 2013)

Bookologist Analysis: This book was a nice in between thriller with all the typical YA stuff.

Can u pick up milk on ur way home?

It's not the kind of text that would make most people climb out a bathroom window. It comes across as pretty harmless, right? But it's not, trust me. And I'm not most people.

I'm Kari Andrews, and I'm a junior here at the ivy-covered, lushly landscaped Kennedy Preparatory School in Washington, D.C. Yeah, I've definitely looked more dignified than I do right now as I dangle half out of the Ladies' Room window. I'm scrambling for a handhold between the climbing ivy and the old red brick and mortar that surrounds the window so I can pull myself up and out, then drop the four and a half feet to the grass below.

I hit the ground running. I'm not playing hooky--this is a Code Black Emergency.

This book was an okay one, not a big star, but not an- I’m-going-to-barf-because-of-boredom one. It was a spy thriller that was high in action and high in suspense. The actual writing was okay not anything superb that was over the top.

I thought the Kari was a dependable character that knew what she was doing. The fact that her parents are spies is just another fact in her life that is as complicated as a Rubix Cube. The fact that she picked up some of the skills is interesting considering that she is only sixteen. I didn’t like the fact that she is always being held back by her brother. The fact that she is plain about Luke is kind of annoying without any suspense because she just throws herself at him. Also she faces some confusion with Evan that had me smiling in my weird way (sadistic). Kari is definitely a main character that I would look up to.

Luke (Kari’s longtime crush) is just not my type of guy. I mean sure he is the son of one of the most important person in the US (head of the Agency). His twin sister Lacey is an airhead and annoying, the trademarks of being popular. The fact that he is okay at everything is a point up for him, but that he doesn’t have the (moves like Jagger, sorry couldn’t resist) really cool spy moves is a point down for him. Luke is just there for his connections and as a life interest he has no other uses which is kind of sad. He’s okay he is the average guy at your school (minus important parent) and can do some neat stuff, but he is not worthy of Kari.

Rita I think is just all of ours imaginary kickass best friend. She can hack computers; semi beat someone up, and is not afraid to voice her opinions (especially about guys). She is really into becoming a spy so of course she wants to know how to hack (something I need to earn) comes in handy for them while hacking a government laptop. She’s our inner persona and person we always strive for. I wish Rita was an awesome friend I had that had mean computer skills, wouldn’t be afraid to tell the truth, and was totally cool with my horrible plans.

Charley the brother is also kind of cool with being okay with being a girl and a mine genius knowing what four different languages. I just didn't like that Kari had such a hang about his wellbeing. Lacey is a jerk because she stole Rita’s belt and doesn’t offer info right away. Evan is this mysterious British boy that happens to be a jerk at that. I liked the fact that at the end of book she doesn’t admit she has feelings for Evan or if she still has them for Luke. The supporting characters are some the best in any book I’ve read.

This book’s plot with parents being traitors was okay. It is not anything to be overexcited about. I mean this is almost the plot to every spy book, parents/family needs help that means, we have to break into some government building- *gasp*. The fact is that this book doesn’t have much on the plot it is really the okay characters they have.

If you’re looking for a fast read that is sort of original and clean (younger YA) this is the book. There is a sequel coming out that I’m probably going to read just for the heck of it because there was a small cliffhanger. I want to see if Kat can improve upon at all. This book is something you would read just for the heck of it.

I wanted to share the author bio on her website just because I loved it so much:

Kat Carlton is the alias for a covert creative operative who's content to kick ass from behind her laptop, since she can barely spell the word 'karate' and has the street smarts of an eggplant. As for hacking? Kat is a shameless expert at hacking into anything that contains chocolate.

Under her various aliases, Kat is a multi-published, award-winning and occasionally best-selling author who has written for many of the big New York publishing houses such as HarperCollins, Penguin-Putnam, Harlequin and Simon & Schuster. TWO LIES AND A SPY is her first young adult novel.

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