Sunday, February 16, 2014

New & Update

Hey guys,

I have some exciting news and an update.

So some of you might have noticed that I don't have a rating system. I don't use them because I feel like you can't put a book into one number. Most blogs I follow don't. I though t I might start referencing them from time to time now to give you guys an idea on what I think of the book.

Some of you might have notice that Friday was Valentine's Day. For all of you Grisha/Shadow and Bone lovers- Malentine's Day. Anyways, it was Make War Not Love Day cause the Ruin and Rising cover and teasers came out. Some of you might have already seen them, but some of you haven't so... HERE!
As you can see there is the Firebird flying, will Alina get the third amplifier? Will she beat the Darkling?  I hope she doesn't because she will end up with him (that might be biased). The fire makes this one red, quite different from Shadow and Bone and Siege and Storm. The towers as usual are still there. The fire means war.
Sounds Malish when he becomes estranged with Alina.
As Mal looses Alina to power or the Darkling, these two quotes sound like they are from the same conversation.
Definitely part of a conversation, there will be one between the Darkling and Mal; I see this! mwaahaha

*We also learn the Darkling first name and more world building stuff.

*Ruin and Rising will not be the last book set in Ravka!

Can't wait for the actual book it comes out June 17th! 

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