Thursday, October 29, 2015

On Elegance & Other Notes

It's been twenty days since I posted, 20. That number is a little boggling. I haven't been active on Twitter. I haven't even read fifty books yet this year. This makes me feel a bit like a failure in terms of the blogosphere. Alas, I can't change the past yet (perhaps scifi will change this). I feel a wee bit dejected by my lack of commitment. I've been searching too hard in my other areas of life for a bit meaning. It's time to accept the fact that giving up blogging is not viable, but neither is being an almost prolific blogger like Amber.

New Found Ponderings

  • Currently reading Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo and love the face the page sides are black. 

  • Short reviews will be coming out soon. (Queen of Tearling & Primates of Park Ave)
  • Will aim for about 5 posts a month. 
  • Elegance is about find simplicity and cohesiveness is design and habit. 
  • Whimsicalness is an aspiration. 
Sorry for all the glum.


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  2. Aaaaa I'm having the same problems as you, Amelia. I've been getting a bit better lately but it's still not up to par with how I used to be. I've only read 33 books this year, as opposed to the usual 100+ books. I feel like I'm failing as a reader, but ~hopefully~ we'll both get more motivation somehow. Please continue blogging, I love your reviews. <33