Sunday, August 30, 2015

Room by Book//The Mind's Eye

Heller Studio Bocca Sofa from All Modern
Self Portrait 2000 by Chuck Close Limited Edition Print from Art Brokerage
Moresque Table and Ceiling Lamp by Alessandro Zambelli and Saleb from Do Shop
Fan Table Black Birch from Tom Dixon
The Mind's Eye by Oliver Sacks (cover)

Well, I had this piece sitting around and tragically this morning I heard on the news Oliver Sacks past away. Oliver Sacks was one of my heroes-- he got me intrigued into neuroscience and writing. The Mind's Eye is a collection of experiences Dr. Sacks had with his patients and himself. The couch looks one dimensional to resemble a lip, but some of the patients in the book couldn't see three dimensions. Chuck Close, a famous modern artist, is known for his deconstruction of faces; he also has prosopagnosia (face blindness) just like Dr. Sacks. The table and light fixture were more for visual play as the light is very asymmetrical, while the table is symetrical. My greatest sympathies to the family of Dr. Sacks and I do hope I've honored his memory.

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