Sunday, July 19, 2015

Poetry//The Hours

More poetry from me! Perhaps it is the stillness of the night that is inspiring me. Well, anyways, this is a follow-up to this post. The theme of the poem is more to do with time, hence the photo of a clock. I'm undecided as whether or not this will be a long running theme, but who knows (maybe you should leave a comment helping me decide).

Time is gone
Like another cycle of an endless circle
Less time for stacks of pages
More time for senseless media
What a waste?
At least that is what they yell
Just seclusion
Sounds pleasant
Me and me alone
In a quiet, quiet place
Leave alone
More duties to uphold
A senseless media to run
Ink to be gobbled
And typed about
What happened to those typewriters?
With stress reducing clicks
Not anxiety producing taps
Which monitor words per minute
All alone in a quiet room


  1. Yes yes!! Please do more poetry on time!! This reminds me of a Roald Dahl Poem that was mentioned in my school: Television ( Indeed time is limited, but due to procrastination (still a teenager so of cause I will never use time wisely all the time :P), we all ultimately only have 24 hours... to do the things that matters to us... whether it is right or wrong.

    1. The day is only 24 hours whether one thinks there is enough time in day. I grew up reading Roald Dahl. Matilda is definitely one of my favorite childhood characters.

      Amelia @ YA Bookologists