Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mini Reviews: Never Ending

Never Ending by Martyn Bedford Goodreads|Amazon

Published by Wendy Lamb Books March 11, 2014

Source: Library

When a family holiday ends in tragedy, the grieving parents’ marriage is left in ruins and, Shiv, their 15-year-old daughter, is tormented by what happened … and her part in it. Off the rails and unable to live with her guilt, Shiv is sent away to an exclusive clinic that claims to “cure” people like her.

But this is no ordinary psychiatric institution and Shiv discovers that her release – from her demons, and from the clinic itself – will come, if it comes at all, at a bizarre and terrible price.

Never Ending was a book I need at the time I read it, but looking back it was not something I would normally read. I don’t especially like books where it is all about psychological development. Yet , still with the flashbacks to Greece with where Siobhan’s brother died and the experimental Korsakoff Clinic the plot comes in a full circle. The book is cliché in what happens to Siobhan, yet still she is the only character who is pointed and full.

What really bothered me though was the lack of action and definite direction. Maybe, it was purposeful to avoid straight forward direction, but I didn’t enjoy it. The book felt a bit wishy washy in terms of what it was trying to speak about. The books made me feel disconnected as well as down because of how depressing it is. Rating:  

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